Saturday, 20 June 2015

Luke Tuchscherer - You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense


A quality album 

This is a good album. I saw Luke Tuchsherer playing solo at The Green Note in London a little while ago and liked both him and his set. I decided to try this album - admittedly somewhat cautiously - and I'm glad I did, because with a bit of band accompaniment and some nice, restrained production, the songs really shine here. Their quality shows through and Luke turns out to be rather a classy songwriter and performer.

Luke Tuchsherer has a nice voice and sings well here. There's a genuineness to his performance that brings the songs to life. The songs themselves are quite downbeat but never miserable; they are melodic and well crafted and tell good stories. A little more variation on the theme of "My baby done left me, and it's my fault because I'm rubbish" might be welcome, but it's a good set and an album I go back to more than I'd expected to, albeit usually in smaller segments.

If you like Americana, I can recommend this. It's good stuff from a talented and sincere artist, and might surprise you with its quality.

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