Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Claire Hamill - Over Dark Apples

Rating: 3/5

Good performance and lyrics, but musically disappointing

I’ve listened to a couple of Claire Hamill’s albums from the 70s recently, and they still stand up well. Sadly, I’m not so keen on Over Dark Apples.

It’s great that Claire is still writing and performing, and she can certainly still put a song over very well. Her voice has darkened and deepened with the years and she’s a good performer with a very decent band and solid production. My problem is the material; some of it’s pretty good (I like the opening track, Love Has A Mind Of Its Own, for example) and the lyrics are generally engaging and sometimes very striking, but musically it’s pretty ordinary. Melodies are bland and almost nursery-rhyme-like in character a lot of the time and however good the lyrics and performance, it gets a bit dull, I’m afraid.

I don’t want to be too critical and others may well enjoy this more than I did, but in spite of its good points I can only give Over Dark Apples a very qualified recommendation.

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